About company

Experts and specialists of the design institute KF COTES have experience of working at largest power generating facilities in the republic of Kazakhstan. Amongst the projects implemented by experts of the institute are the following:

  • Inspection and development of the project of reconditioning of power generating unit 2 at the EEC station in the town of Aksu, with next designer’s supervision and commissioning (in June 2011, this power generating unit was launched, and it is now operating at full capacity);
  • Making feasibility study and design of ash disposal area #3 at power station of the JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”;
  • Making design of turbounit of the power generating unit #6 at power station of the JSC “Eurasian Power Corporation”;
  • Implementation of the project of reconditioning of section #7 of ash disposal area at cogeneration plant-1 of joint-stock company Astana-Energy.

Experts of the branch company are ready to work in the following fields:

  • Development of technical documentation for thermal power plants, heating and current networks, civil engineering facilities;
  • Endorsement and examination of documentation;
  • Technical and economic assessment of different methods of construction / modernization;
  • Estimation of offers made by suppliers, and development of professional advice to a customer on choosing necessary equipment;
  • Selection of qualified subcontractors for implementation of separate stages of the whole scope of works (we are completely responsible for the quality of work done by a subcontractor);
  • Designer’s supervision over the process of reconstruction and reconditioning, and making immediate corrections in the design in case of changing of building environment.

In our work, we use the most up-to-date software for designing, making construction documents, design estimates, and engineering designs. Integrated engineering application package AVEVA 3D, which provides international quality level of the produced engineering documentation, is now at the stage of introduction.